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Moral Motive

For the most part, the approaches employed in our schools to teach favored values and virtues are motivationally weak. They do not reflect much depth of understanding of what motivates moral behavior. Approaches that mostly appeal to reason implausibly presume … Continue reading

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Educating Citizens

A society that is free cannot educate its children in anything less than freedom. | Steven Harrison Empowering the pursuit of happiness as each sees it is the primary purpose of education in a liberal democracy. But this mission presumes … Continue reading

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Justice and Happiness

Love is justice, justice is love. | Joseph Fletcher Though I am optimistic about the difference we could make in the lives of children by focusing on empowering their pursuit of happiness, the path to this difference admittedly leads through … Continue reading

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Synopsis of Educating Angels

What sort of education would be worthy of angels? I argue it would be an education focused on helping them achieve their deepest aspiration: happiness. Contemporary education ignores the question of children’s happiness. Schools aren’t in the happiness business. For … Continue reading

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